Encaustic Classes/Encaustic Workshops

The 3-Step Encaustic Adventure

Two-day Course for beginners includes:

  •   How to prepare the wood/support and apply the wax
  •   How to use the various tools and equipment
  •   How to create the look of smooth tile
  •   Self expression through collage - materials to use
  •   Drips, layers and textures
  •   Intaglio, stamping and relief
  •   and much, much more!

Your Investment for the 2-day Workshop is $300 plus $35 for supplies. ($300 + $45 for supplies for Photographer Encaustic Workshop). Hours are 10 - 4.

Introductory Course includes:

  •  Tools and Equipment - How to use them
  •  How to start a painting from scratch
  •  Adding layers
  •  Fusing
  •  How to manipulate the wax to create special effects


  • A great deal of information and lots of fun are guaranteed!

Your Investment for either a Morning or an Afternoon Introductory Encaustic Class is Just $95.00 + $25 for supplies.

Hours are 10 - 1 or 1 - 4.


Space is limited to 3 per class. This ensures that you receive individual attention.

The location is Bela's studio in North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Encaustic is a 5000-years old technique that allows for endless innovation and creativity.


To see schedules, Click Here for Encaustic Workshops  or contact Bela Fidel at bela@belafidelfineart.com.

New: Bela In A Box

The 3-Step Encaustic Adventure presented in 3 DVD's


Bela covers everything that is included in her personal workshop. You can watch, learn and practice in the privacy of your own home or studio. Review the material as often as you like. You do need to work in an area that has good ventilation.

A list of supplies and suppliers is included.

The techniques learned in this course will serve you well for many years of  creativity.


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  Just return DVDs in the condition they were received.   Click here for special offer.

Bonus: Bela Fidel’s booklet, “The Essential Encaustics,”

63 Tips-so-you-don’t-have-to-spend-time-researching-rather-than-painting-Booklet

For More Information and sample video click here

Bela's Booklet, "The Essential Encaustics" Is Also Available at Amazon.  Click Here.

Advanced workshops are available for students who have completed the beginners' workshop.

Two-days of instruction and hands-on include: Monoprint, Image transfer, additional mark-making and Photoencaustic.

I will also customize a course for your special requirements. Call Bela at 480-221-6947.